Hi! My name is Alice Ivashina and I am a senior at Special Music School – a unique public/private partnership between Kaufman Music Center and the New York City Department of Education. SMS teaches music as a core subject, offering musical training, including private instrumental lessons, during the regular school day.

At SMS, I major as a pianist hence the music section of my website! I love playing both classical and contemporary music, and I get to do plenty of both. One of my favorite past times is listening to rock music with my younger brother.

Apart from music, I also enjoy taking photos and making all kinds of artwork. I love to capture scenic moments from day-to-day life to traveling to different countries.

Recently I discovered a passion for coding. My goal has always been to combine the creative side of me, with the side that enjoys math, logic, and solving problems. Therefore, learning how to code has been a wonderful new path to follow as I get to express all of those things.

Apart from these pursuits, I spend my time playing Squash and competing in US Squash tournaments, reading, and exploring the City with friends and family.